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A 6-week crash course on developing a sustainable creative career.

This short course gives you a broad overview of the foundational career skills you need to be successful. With videos, fact sheets, useful tools and practical exercises each lesson, this is the perfect boost for any creative career.

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The following topics are covered
in Career Essentials

Week 1 - a winning mindset: realigning your thinking to focus on what matters most in your career.
Week 2 - getting organised: the importance of managing tasks, information and money.
Week 3 - planning: setting good quality and relevant goals.
Week 4 - breaking out: how you can best position yourself for success in your creative field.
Week 5 - attracting collaborators: the how and the way of working successfully with others.
Week 6 - getting known: increasing your visibility via social media, promotional activities and more.

Each week has fact sheets, tools and video content. You can start immediately for $119.50 USD.

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